Media reports, even those sporting the byline of journalistic professionals, don’t always provide us with reliable news. With media channels at the fingertips of each one of us (no qualification required, no ethical standards enforced) fake news is rife, and it’s often difficult for us as the audience to be sure that we’re served a balanced perspective rather than propaganda or paid promotion.

A recent investigation into cryptocurrency news outlets revealed just how common-place misleading reporting is. Half the crypto media companies investigated indicated their willingness to promote sponsored posts as ‘news’. All for a negligible fee, of course.

Like you, we also find it taxing to sift through the flood of cryptocurrency news headlines, distinguishing reliable reports from speculation and fake news. Over time we have compiled a collection of go-to newsletters to help us keep abreast of what is happening in the crypto industry and to get an idea of differing perspectives and interpretations of current events. The list of non-technical newsletters we offer you today adds up to a number of six, and what’s more, they all offer a free subscription!

Bitstocks' Selection of 6 Free Bitcoin Newsletters for Non-Techies

1. Brave New Coin (BNC) Zeitgeist - Crypto Market News and Insight

Brave New Coin - 6 Free Bitcoin Newsletters for Non-Techies - Bitstocks blog

BNC describes their news and insights as “institutional Grade Crypto Market Data, tracking 1000+ digital & cryptographic assets from 240+ exchanges 24/7/365.”

Editions are compiled of several of the following elements: an editor’s comment on main news events, a short summary of top news stories of the week, a market cap report, price analysis of particular coins, infographics of current statistics, Tweet of the Week, Meme of the Week, and upcoming crypto events (frequently including discount codes).

Authors and Contributors of Brave New Coin (BNC) Zeitgeist

Contributors to BNC’s insight’s section include Aditya Das, Masayuki Tashiro, Christopher Brookins and Alex Lielacher.

Aditya Das's (Economist Analyst/Writer) interests lie with alt-coins, FA (Fundamental Analysis), ideas surrounding valuation, and speculation vs network activity.
Christopher Brookins, the founder and CEO of Pugilist Ventures, a quantitative investment firm focused on digital assets and blockchain technology.
Alex Lielacher is a former bond trader who now works in blockchain media. He is the founder of Africa-focused bitcoin news publication and is a regular contributor to several global blockchain news outlets where he shares his insights on cryptocurrency investing and blockchain innovation.

BNC Newsletter frequency: Mondays and Wednesdays

Preview previous editions of BNC here.

Subscribe to BNC here.

2. Satoshi & Co Daily Crypto Newsletter

Satoshi&Co - 6 Free Bitcoin Newsletters for Non-Techies - Bitstocks blog

Satoshi & Co’s newsletters are compiled of an introductory commentary on main industry news, a list of top crypto headlines (with a brief summary), a Crypto Twitter Pick section, What We Are Reading / Listening To, the overnight performance of Top 10 Currencies, as well as short conversations with leading crypto industry participants.

Authors and Contributors of Satoshi & Co

Each edition is compiled by Ramani Ramachandran and Rohit Alluri.

Ramani Ramachandran (Ram) is the Cofounder & CEO of ZPX, a Singapore-based blockchain firm that has launched projects such as, a crypto research & analysis platform and the world's first stablecoin focused DEX at Ram has close to two decades of experience across consulting, IT, product management, corporate development and investment banking across the US, Europe and Asia. Ram has a B.Tech from the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, a PGDM from the IIM Lucknow and an MBA from MIT Sloan.
Rohit heads the research team at ZenPriveX (ZPX). He worked in equity research at JP Morgan and now spends most of his time understanding the intricacies of the digital assets market. He is a CFA Charterholder and BTech from IIT Madras.

Satoshi & Co newsletter frequency: Daily on weekdays, fewer in some weeks.

Preview and subscribe to the Satoshi & Co newsletter here.

3. Off The Chain (with Anthony Pompliano)

Anthony Pompliano - 6 Free Bitcoin Newsletters for Non-Techies - Bitstocks blog

Anthony Pompliano’s Off the Chain newsletters provide analyses of crypto markets and news with an in-depth commentary as introduction (often from the Off The Chain podcast), and a rundown of top headlines (with short summary).

Authors and Contributors of Off The Chain Newsletter

Anthony Pompliano features in each edition and podcast guests often join him.

Anthony is the Founder and Partner of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, a multi-strategy investment firm focused on providing access to blockchain technology and digital assets for institutional clients and wealthy family offices.

Frequency: Daily

Preview an edition of Off The Chain Newsletter here.

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4. Token Economy

Token Economy - 6 Free Bitcoin Newsletters for Non-Techies - Bitstocks blog

Token Economy’s tagline self-ascribes the newsletter as “Opinionated thoughts on the most interesting trends and ideas in cryptocurrencies, blockchains, dapps, DAOs & the growing token economy.”

Authors and Contributors of Token Economy

Opinions and curation by Stefano Bernardi and Yannick Roux

Stefano Bernardi is a business founder and an investor, and currently holds the role Executive Director at Aragon blockchain project, is Co-Founder and Partner of Mission and Market, previously co-founded Kickpay (YC W15) and was at 500 Startups and @TechCrunch. In 2009, Stefano Bernardi received a bachelor’s degree in computer and software engineering from Roma Tre University. Read more.
Yannick Roux is a business founder and investor, currently in the role of Non-executive Director at Open Desk. Yannick holds an MSc of Accounting and Finance from The London School of Economics and Political Science.

Newsletter frequency: Sent out weekly, usually on a Monday

Subscribe to Token Economy here.

Preview previous edition of Token Economy here.  

5. The CoinGeek Bitcoin Beat

CoinGeek BItcoin Beat - 6 Free Bitcoin Newsletters for Non-Techies - Bitstocks blog

Bitcoin SV mining pool and advocate CoinGeek, provides one of the most comprehensive newsletters for staying up to date with the latest in BSV development and the BSV community. CoinGeek describes itself as “The #1 media for all things BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), the only major public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin as fast, frictionless, electronic cash.”

The CoinGeek newsletter is a compilation of a brief overview of BSV developments and recent events, a list of upcoming events, a What We Are Reading section, and links to helpful resources. Technical topics are broken down into “what’s going on here”, “what does this mean”, and “why should I care” - A great formula to explain the practical relevance of very technical subject matter.

Authors and Contributors of CoinGeek

CoinGeek has a full-time editorial staff on board, with Bill Beatty as Editor in Chief, Becky Liggero as on-site reporter and interviewer, and Derek Tonin as staff writer. Guest authors include nChain and the Bitcoin Association’s Jimmy Nguyen and Dr Craig Wright.

Newsletter frequency: Weekly

Preview CoinGeek News and subscribe to the CoinGeek newsletter (see page footer) here.

6. CCN: CryptoCoinsNews

CCN - 6 Free Bitcoin Newsletters for Non-Techies - Bitstocks blog

You read that right; it’s not CNN but CCN for Crypto Coins News. This newsletter offers a summary of news articles posted on the CCN website over the past week. CCN covers cryptocurrency industry news, but also mainstream economic and political events that interplay with crypto markets and philosophy.

Authors and Contributors of CCN

The editorial staff of the UK-based media company, CCN are responsible for news reporting. The CCN website declares that “All journalists and editors follow the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press which we all have signed for.” The code includes clauses on integrity and credibility, most notably:

  • The editor shall act freely and independently towards any persons or groups who – for ideological, economic or other reasons – might want to exercise an influence over the editorial content. The editor shall safeguard the editorial staff’s production of free and independent journalism.

  • The editor and the individual editorial staff member must protect their independence, integrity and credibility. Avoid dual roles, positions, commissions or commitments that create conflicts of interest connected to or leading to speculations of disqualification.

  • Members of the editorial staff must not exploit their position in order to achieve personal gain, including receiving money, goods or services, that can be perceived as compensation from outsiders for editorial benefits.

  • A member of the editorial staff cannot be ordered to do anything that is contrary to his or her convictions.

  • Never undermine the clear distinction between editorial copy and advertisements. It must be obvious to the public what is deemed to be commercial content. Turn down any offers of journalistic favours in return for advertisements. Avoid indiscriminate reproduction of PR material.

  • Hidden advertising is incompatible with good press practice.

Frequency: Sent out on ‘breaking news’, 1-5 times per week.

Preview past issues of CCN and join their mailing list here.

Fake News is Worse than No News

While we’ve carefully selected the newsletters on this list and provide you with some background information on the authors and editorial staff, make sure you keep your critical hat on and remain aware of personal interests and motives that could be affecting the author’s perspective.

As Bitstocks CEO and Founder, Michael Hudson frequently points out in the opening of his presentations: “We want people to look into this (what we claim). We don’t want people to accept what I say as an authority and consider it a fact straight away. We don’t want people to change their perspective and operate based on something they haven’t fact-checked for themselves.”

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