February 2020’s CoinGeek London conference celebrated the theme of a New Dawn for Bitcoin. Over the two days, business leaders presented Bitcoin SV applications designed for every type of enterprise. From global supply-chain management systems and pharmaceutical software development to start-up businesses that solve pain points for individual users of Internet services like Social Media platforms and email - the conference covered it all.

Although a number of the presentations went into the detail of developmental progress, there was plenty on show to illustrate how Bitcoin SV can improve the enterprise systems we interact with from day to day, as well as our interactions with each other and society in general.

So, if you don’t know the significance of Op_return and P2SH (Pay To Script Hash), I present you with this feast of ‘non-technical talks’ about real-world applications plus the economic and philosophical implications for humanity.

The Best of CoinGeek London 2020 for Non-Developers:

1. Money Button for Enterprise: Enabling Business Use of Bitcoin SV Payments

By Ryan X Charles, Founder & CEO of Money Button

Ryan unveiled two new Money Button features at the conference. Firstly, Automatic Money Button, a way for Money Button applications to be granted permission from the user to swipe the button on the user’s behalf. If you’re a Twetch user (as you should be!), you’ll be familiar with the process of having to swipe the button for each of your interactions, creating a slight delay in the process. Automatic Money Button removes this friction to create a smoother experience for the user.

The second feature, Invisible Money button, has the same functionality as Automatic Money Button while hiding the button entirely. The implication is that developers can make use of the functionality of Money Button and still create a completely customisable experience for their applications.

Watch Ryan’s presentation here.

2. Tradition is Radical: How Centbee is Re-Inventing Bitcoin Business with Financial Compliance Systems

By Lorien Gamaroff, CEO and Co-Founder of Centbee

Centbee’s mission is to bring Bitcoin to Africa. For the last 10 years, Lorien Gamaroff, who is from Zimbabwe himself and currently based in South Africa, has been working on making it easier for Africans to get and spend bitcoin. Centbee has been building a number of products to realise this goal, from an application that lets you buy Bitcoin SV at large supermarkets, to merchant payment systems that will make it possible to use and spend their bitcoin as well. A third major focus area is cross-border remittance to cater to the large proportion of migrant labourers who send money to their families in other countries. 

Although Bitcoin is perfect for these use cases, establishing and maintaining good relationships with local authorities is critical. In his presentation, Lorien explains how their financial compliance systems set them up for success.

Watch Lorien’s presentation here.

3. Bitstocks Gravity: The Mission

By Michael Hudson, Bitstocks CEO and Founder

An epiphany while standing on stage the day before his presentation led Michael to go off-script on the day. “I stood on the stage in front of an empty room. I was simulating how I would want to portray the Gravity mission. I wanted to speak from the heart and speak the message as we do around the office on a daily basis. I realised it’s time to let that energy flow outside of the Bitstocks office and globally because we need the world to bound around what we’re doing.” 


Michael realised that plugging a product would’ve been missing the point, and it was more important to demonstrate the underlying forces driving the vision for Gravity. At the same time, Bitstocks’ conference stand allowed delegates to immerse themselves in a world of VR, have a go on the racing simulator and chat to staff about the product features and envisioned capabilities. 

UK residents can sign up for Gravity here!

4. What the Halibut! How Digital Twins & the BSV Blockchain Enhance Traceability & Sustainability in Supply Chain 

Presented by Stephan Nilsson, CEO and Co-Founder of UNISOT

“Seafood is one of the most important industries in the world. It’s the fastest-growing food industry in the world. SeafoodChain is taking care of all the demands and requirements of the industry.”

Stephan Nilsson is the co-founder and CEO of UNISOT (Universal Source of Truth) -  a supply chain solution provider for enterprises that solves the top 10 problems in their industry by using Bitcoin SV as infrastructure. 

In a unique on-stage demonstration, Stephan Nilsson and Jan-Axel Karlstedt (Solution Architect at UNISOT) illustrated how their newly launched supply chain solution for the fishing industry, SeafoodChain would operate in a day to day setting.  

Watch Stephan and his team showcasing UNISOT’s supply chain solutions on stage.

5. TrueReviews: Improving Consumer Reviews with the BSV Blockchain

Presented by Connor Murray, CEO & Co-Founder, TrueReviews.io 

Bitcoin SV’s potential to improve our everyday interactions doesn’t get more relatable than Connor Murray’s TrueReviews application. 

We all know the uncertainty of dealing with a new online business. Will we truly be getting our money’s worth, or are we getting lured into a well-disguised trap? And those of us who own our own businesses know the feeling of vulnerability when it comes to online reviewers - one fake or unfair review could ruin a new business venture.

Connor’s TrueReviews application offers a solution where reviewers are verified at the point of sale, and businesses have the opportunity to incentivise their customers and clients to take the time to post an honest review of their business. 

Check out Connor Murray’s presentation here. 

6. BSV Blockchain: Developing a Global Patient Record for the Healthcare Industry 

Presented by Ken Hill (Founder & Chairman of the Board, PDX Inc. and EHR Data Inc.), Cheryl D. Jorgenson (Chief Clinical Officer, EHR Data, Inc.), Ron Austring (President, Daedalos Inc.)

“Having it all together, that one record, is not only going to save lives, but also increase patient safety,” Cheryl Jorgenson.

In collaboration with nChain, EHR Data Inc. is building a global healthcare database which will transform the industry from one where patient records are stored in the siloes of each healthcare practice to one relying on a single record of truth. By creating such an interoperable data system, medical practitioners will be able to make the most informed diagnoses and treatment plans for their patients, even on the first consultation. 

Watch the EHR Data Inc. presentation here

7. Satoshi Vision: A Correct Understanding of Bitcoin

By Craig Wright, Creator of Bitcoin and Chief Scientist at nChain

In his first (but not only) presentation of the conference, Bitcoin creator, Craig Wright set out to put the record straight. Craig bases his presentation on the contents of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, to clear up some of the much misunderstood and misinterpreted terminology, and to explain what he really meant when he wrote the Whitepaper. 

8.The Future of Social Networks on Bitcoin

By Josh Petty, Co-Founder at Twetch

Josh Petty wowed the audience with three big announcements relating to their Bitcoin-based social media platform, Twetch.

Firstly, Twetch has moved from a private beta programme to a public beta programme, which means that Twetch users can now invite their friends to join! People who join through an invitation link receive some bitcoin automatically, allowing them to create their first post for free, without having to know anything about Bitcoin. (Here’s Bitstocks’ invitation to you!

In a second announcement, Josh revealed that Twetch has made their JavaScript library public. In plain English: developers will be able to use the Twetch code to build their own Social Media platforms, games, archives and other fun stuff on Bitcoin. 

In the third announcement, Josh introduced the private messaging system that’s coming to the Social Media platform later in 2020. What this means is that you can have private chats with other users without ever giving Twetch access to your data! 

Now, that’s what we call fixing the Internet’s broken data model!

Watch Josh Petty’s presentation here.

9. Fixing Ponzi Money and Porous Internet with Satoshi’s Blockchain 

By George Gilder, Famed Economist, Author of 18 books, including international bestseller Wealth and Poverty (1981), Life After Television (1990), The Scandal of Money (2016), Life after Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy (2018).

In his presentation, George reveals the secret of capitalist success: the Scientific Method. In an economic model, this means ‘the right to fail’ and the ability to learn from those failures. George recognises this vital characteristic within the cryptocurrency space: “there are a lot of failures, but there’s the steed of an ultimate triumph of transformation across the global economy.”

Watch George Gilder’s presentation on the topic.

Appreciation for the CoinGeek Team

At the end of the day, we were wowed to see so many Bitcoin SV projects live and in operation, from user applications to global enterprise systems. We conclude that CoinGeek London 2020 stands as a promising predictor for Bitcoin SV’s ‘Year of Enterprise’. 

And to the team who made it possible, some words from Bitstocks CEO and founder, Michael Hudson:

“I just want to say, we have so much love, admiration and appreciation for CoinGeek for all of your efforts. You really are the glue in this space and you’re bringing us all together.”

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