Hot off the heels of a massively successful NFT launch earlier this month, DJ Steve Aoki has secured funding to debut a “proper” pilot episode of “Dominion X” on the blockchain. 

A keen collectables enthusiast in his own right, Aoki kicked off his NFT journey back in March this year with a collaboration with digital artist Antoni Tudisco. The NFT collection, called “Dreamcatcher” included the star of “Dominion X”, Character X. The collection has been described as a “psychedelic collection made up of 11 unique works of art paired with boundary-pushing soundscapes and cutting edge digital animations.

And they certainly don't disappoint! 


Talking to Forbes, Aoki had this to say about NFTs: 

“Because that’s the thing about NFTs. We are architects of the road map. We are creating as we go. That’s what’s so exciting. You can make something brand new that hasn’t been done before. The fact that there’s no TV series on the blockchain? When you say that out loud, it’s like, “I wonder why that hasn’t happened?” Because you can do anything! This thing will always live on the blockchain.” 

The success of the first NFT drop prompted Aoki to double down on the concept. He collaborated with Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the Seth Green production company best known for Robot Chicken, to produce the stop-motion short “Dominion X”. 500 slices of the episode were sold as NFTs, and according to NFT trading platform, NiftyGateway, sold out within 30 seconds.


Off the back of this success, Aoki has now secured funding to take his NFT to the next level and release what is being called a “proper pilot” of the episodic TV series on the blockchain. However, where the funding has come from remains unknown. 

Aoki is undoubtedly embracing the full spectrum of what the NFT market has to offer - not only now, but the future potential too, by blending the digital and physical worlds. His NFT holders receive not only the rights to blockchain IP but also physical items and bonuses too; such as block mounted collectable cards and free entry to some shows.


This will be an exciting project to follow as we see how far DJ Steve Aoki can push the NFT envelope. 

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