On the 4th of December 2019, Bitstocks CEO, Michael Hudson and George Siosi Samuels spent over an hour delving into their respective spiritual awakenings and how they’re integrating that Sight into their Bitcoin businesses. The pair also spoke about the Ancient Wisdom gleaned from the Tao te Ching, the Akashic records, Native American prophecies and how it applies to humanity of today.

George is the Founder and Managing Director at Faiā Corp and describes his role as a community and tech bridger, and Bitcoin Preacher.

00:01:05 - George S Samuels introduces himself.

00:02:25 - Blending passion with business.

00:04:31 - The Sacred Enterprise of balancing individualism and collectivism.

00:06:36 - The role of the wolf in George’s life story.

00:15:21 - Michael on Spiritual Evolution and Spiritual Journey.  

00:22:25 - George introduces Faiā corp and the historical influences behind it.

00:29:25 - Michael on symbolism and how Bitcoin will ensure that the human evolutionary trajectory stays pure.

00:35:07 - Bitcoin as the link between the physical and the spiritual worlds. 

00:44:40 - Bitcoin’s potential to create greater harmonisation of people, tech and nature.

00:49:30 - Michael on the untapped power and elements baked within Bitcoin.

00:54:50 - George on the lessons of Divine Timing and the Power of Small.

00:57:33 - Microtransactions as one of Bitcoin’s ‘killer features’.

01:00:37 - Bitcoin’s promise within a data-based economy.


Read: Bitcoin's Balance Between Collectivism and Capitalism

Michael: Right. Hello and good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening, wherever it is that you are in the world. So today I'm having a conversation with George. And typically our podcasts are always filmed in the office in London, right? We have our setting we have our setup and we hash it out. But considering that, not only myself, but even my team who’ve been following you on social media were like, “You really need to speak to George. You will really get on!” So we've broken mandate to record this podcast remotely.

I'm excited to talk to you, George. I know you are doing your own things in your own way within the Bitcoin SV community, and with what you want to make your impact be. I’m going to let you speak on that very, very shortly. But for those who are watching Bitstocks and those who are subscribers at Bitstocks, please I know who you are, but please introduce yourself, mate.

George: Sure.

I'm George Siosi Samuels, the founder of Faiā. Our social media handle is @faiacorp. Essentially, what we do at this point in time - we're Consultants. I'm very much a fan of the project-based business model. I'll get into a little bit later about like what I used to do, but we essentially have two lines; One is community, the other one is blockchain / Bitcoin SV.

Blending Passion with Business

The reason why I explain it like that at the moment - still working on our social pitch - is that we just found that both of those passion areas of mine personally, people who come for one line of service would end up inquiring about the other. So that's why we have this weird, unique overlap that we're starting to make a name for herself in which is you know, essentially, communities and tech. And what was interesting is that even last night...

I heard that the World Economic Forum are trying to introduce or create a manifesto about Stakeholder Capitalism. Because they're saying that communities need to start being part of the capitalist model, which is interesting.

We're going to get it all the politics around it, but I'm very much a gut, instinct-driven person. It serves me well when I've listened to it, it hasn't when I haven't. A lot of things just kept pushing me to where I am now.

Michael: Now you mentioned a key word there, as you were explaining that. You referenced passion, right? That word and business has to go together. And that's when you actually create quite unorthodox business models because it's a passion-driven thing. And when you attack anything with passion the commitment and the processes that you take in order to achieve the goal that you set out to achieve, is attacked with just that much conviction. 

George: Exactly 

Michael: I don't know the details of what you do which is why I'm on the conversation with you right now. But I can definitely tell that you have an aura about you that is very passion-driven, very community-driven, very pro-humanity-driven, and you're taking that philosophy and you’re applying it to a business model. And that's what I find quite interesting with anyone out there who's doing these things. Because I take myself as a perfect example of someone who's trying to take what we traditionally considered as spiritual-esque ideals and a spiritual-esque mentality. But I'm also very aggressive in terms of business, and I have great business acumen. In fact, I set up my first business when I was only 16 years old. 

But taking the teachings of let’s say, spirituality to just abbreviate it down to a term right now, and how that can be utilised as a great fuel in business, is going off the back of what you've just said. Because what they're talking about in terms of capitalism and all these things, it sounds to me like they’ve had a penny drop moment, realising that you can create all of these financial systems, and you can create all of these terminologies for this financial assistance, but guess what! You're dealing with human beings at the end of the day.


The Sacred Enterprise of Balancing Individualism and Collectivism

George: It's the Heart and soul man.

I think one of the problems at least that I've seen over the last either century or couple decades, is that we've disassociated ourselves from what used to be Sacred Enterprise. You know, everything sort of had a sacredness about it, once upon a time. And I've taken a lot of it from my own culture.

So, my background is - my dad's Fijian-Indian. My mother is Tuvaluan-Samoan. So I was very much influenced on my mother’s side - raised mostly by women. So, you know, the feminine power was very strong. And so that's probably what balanced me out in terms of being in tune with a lot of things and the spirituality. So that was there from very young. With my mom - stories, ancestors... 


The Role of the Wolf in George’s Life Story

But then I was raised in the west, so there is an individualistic side. But I think as I got older, you were talking about like the philosophy and spirituality, there was an experience that I had in 2008 that involved wolves.

And you might see that I post things about wolves every now and then, and that's actually what influences a lot of my work around communities. Because what I found out about wolves is that they are like Master Teachers of balancing individualism and what Crypto-Twitter calls collectivism. I actually don't see those two things as good or bad. They just need to work in harmony. And wolves have taught me how to make that happen in a community setting as well.

Michael: So when you say that, do you mean you had that experience in a spiritual animal-esque type of way? That it’s your spirit animal? 

George: Yeah...

Michael: If you and I are chilling at my place, or chilling at your place, or chilling at a bar in a setting, you want to be able to skim across that comment without me asking you to contextualise it right?

George: For sure.

Michael: But because the camera’s on, I almost hesitated. But that's not my nature. Screw, I guess, how we think people are going to perceive this conversation. Apply some more context to that. So, what do you mean by you had experience with wolves?

George: It's time man. Let's do it. You know, it's interesting, I've kept this story to only a select few who get it. But you know, some things are happening this year that has convinced me that it's time to start speaking more about it. 

So the original story: In 2008, there was a it was a time in my family's life where there was a lot of bad stuff going on. And, my family is a family of dreamers, meaning that from very young, we were taught to recall our dreams when we woke up. You know, share it with the family and discuss it. A few things happened in our family at the time - my parents were getting a divorce and I had this dream that told me to go to New Zealand. I don't know why but it was just so compelling, I knew I had to. So the decision was made in my mind. You know, I had to go to New Zealand for whatever reason. I was with my partner at the time and she you agreed to go, so we saved up and planned. And then just a little bit before I went to New Zealand, there was an accident where I sprained my ankle really bad and the doctor was like, “You can’t go”.  No joke, when I was at the doctor's office I was like, “no, I have to go, I don't care about about this. 

Michael: You had a mission.

George: Inside, something was telling me I have to go. So I managed to go. Oh my God, that flight was definitely excruciating! So, we landed in New Zealand, we were going around multiple different cities and it was a great trip, but nothing special happened. And I was starting to think, “shit, maybe it was just me trying to force something”. But then, in the last city, this was in Napier, New Zealand we were walking through the town and there was a festival going on. We’re passing through this festival and I saw this little tarot reader and just for fun, I said to my ex, “Hey, you want to try it out?” And she was like, “no,” because she's Catholic. “No I don't do that stuff,” she said. But I said, “yeah, I'm going to try it out.” So I go in. They do the reading, and I don't say much, because I was testing how much they can find out without me saying anything.

Michael: The same. That’s what I do every single time.

George: Exactly. It's like, how good are you? And so this lady turned out to be more than just a Tarot reader. She was a… is it psychometry? What are the ones that can hold objects and get something off it? There's a word for that...

Michael: There’s Psychics, you've got Intuitive Empaths...

George: Something like that. Anyway, she had the ability to hold something and glean from that. I had this like Jade pendant on...

Michael: It’s channeler, I think.

George: Yeah, right. And then she held this pendant and did her thing. And then she started telling me about a lot of stuff that was happening in my life with my parents, my family and whatnot. And I was like, not bad, not bad. And I was like, okay cool. And then we went out for dinner, came back to the hotel room, and I was like, wow, this is like my last day and nothing special happened. And then it began. 

I go to sleep. In my sleep, I dreamt that I was back in Dhaka, Bangladesh. So I lived in Dhaka, Bangladesh for about 10 years. I went to American International School there. So of course, we're moving from Fiji, Australia, Bangladesh, Australia, now Singapore. But I was in Bangladesh for 10 years. 

And in the dream, I was transported to our last house there. At this house, there are three doorways. There's the gate between the house, and then there are two doors to get in. At the first gate - the first gate was open - and there was this little white guinea pig following me into the house. And I was like, what the hell is this? And you know, I walk to the front entrance and I just continued to watch the white guinea pig make his way to me. And then I walk through the first door, and closed it. And there's a glass pane on the left. I look over and I see the guinea pig is still slowly making its way to me. It comes up to the door and then just starts tapping on it. And I'm like, man, this is the weirdest shit. 

Anyway, there's a gap between the two doors. I take off my shoes, put it down. Then I start to hear a little bit more tapping - faster tapping. And then more and more tapping starts to occur, and then I start to get a little afraid because the noise is getting louder and louder. And then I run through the second door close it. And then the first door bursts open and a whole bunch of white guinea pigs swarm through that area between the first and the second door like water. I'm already past the second door. I look over and in this large glass pane, I can see all these random white guinea pigs, all of them just floating around in this space like water. 

And then all of a sudden there's a loud bang one the second door. And when that bang happens my body freezes and then, bam, again. As soon as I hear the second bang my body moved back - it just stepped back. Then the banging kept happening and got louder each time. And each time my body kept moving back. Finally, I hit the ledge of the staircase behind me and I sat down. Then the second door burst wide open and this bright white light shines out of the second door. 

Out of the white light emerges to white wolves with crystal blue eyes. And the size of them are like the dire wolves, or the wolves from Twilight. And they walk through the door and they just slowly come to me. I am shit scared, because these are two massive wolves, I have no idea why they're there. I’m confused as hell and they continue to come to me until they stopped right in front of me and look me in my eyes. At that point, it felt like they were downloading stuff into my head and this went on for years in the dream. So I was screaming in the dream and I could not move for years - or so it felt. After they had finished with me, I I finally managed to get one little gasp or scream out. At that point is when I woke up. 

When I woke up, I let out a breath instead of a massive scream. I was sweating like crazy and I turn over to my ex wake her up and I say, “baby, what year is it?” And she goes, “what are you talking about?” “Like how long have I been asleep?” And she goes, 15 minutes. Go back to bed. 

And from that point that dream had such a profound impact on me. I became obsessed with Wolves. I studied everything about it and it led me to some other people around the world who had the exact same dream. This was the wild bit. And all of the things I was learning about wolves was like that they were like one of the original teachers. They can be found on almost every continent around the world, or their descendants. Some of the greatest empires in the world, you know have their roots in like some sort of Wolf mythology. You know, the Roman Empire, the Mongols, the Turks.  And, the Native Americans themselves have the wolf usually as a teacher or pathfinder. I also learned that there are four or five different type of wolves that each have a different medicine. The white wolf is an arctic wolf, so it is usually put into environments that are very harsh, very cold and almost dead. It didn't make sense to me back then, but now looking back over the last decade plus it makes sense now that.


Michael on Spiritual Evolution and Spiritual Journey 

Michael: That's how it works, right? And this has been a continuous thread. I'm not going to say I’ve shared that exact experience, but I’ve had experiences like that, and many around me have had very similar experiences. And the common thread between it all is, once you start becoming awake, not only do you start to notice things in your day-to-day life that other people are oblivious to, you also start connecting pieces that have been there for years in your own life. And only once you have obtained the ability of Sight will you start to be able to connect those pieces together and realise that this whole time I'm trying to build this jigsaw puzzle that is life. And these pieces I’ve actually had in my back pocket for years.

And that's when the power starts to come into it. One thing that I've had a great advantage with is that I've just been a freaking weirdo my whole life - in terms of how I look at things and how I perceive things. I always knew that I saw the world differently. What has changed is that I was once embarrassed or ashamed, or thought I was odd or weird for viewing the world differently. And that comes from your own personal Journey. So that's a great aspect of Spiritual Evolution and the reason why I wanted to speak to you on the subject. 

And I was actually excited to have a conversation with you about this, because from the outside in, anyone who is on a spiritual vibe is instantly put it into a hippie category, right? And then people don't see the value in that which strengthens your own character to navigate through the world by just branding it to be a hippie thing.

Because what these experiences ultimately lead to - if you understand them and if you're ready to receive the message that is being delivered - it gives you a much deeper, greater connection to yourself. So when you do go out into the world now - which is basically what I'm doing - is you are learning and your humbling yourself that you are just a very, very small speck in a great vastness that is this universe. And if you understand that statement, as a speck you can change the world.

So, it's not that you're small and you're insignificant, because you are connected to the very universe itself. You are part of it, you are one part of that. So you're the smallest thing and you're the biggest thing at the same time. And when people then switch from being the smallest thing and just look around on a two-dimensional plane, then it's very easy to get caught up in differences; racial differences, or cryptocurrency differences - all of these different differences. You’re just looking at everything on a two-dimensional basis three-dimensional basis. You haven't got a good sense of scale. 

But imagine you’re just sitting and chilling on the moon, and you’re looking down on earth. You’re going to see a much bigger picture. Are you going to see all the divides? No, you're going to see human beings living on a planet! And I think the great aspect of the spiritual journey is understanding and realising - through the process of balance - that once you achieve this state you won’t be flip-flopping between anxiety, fear of the future, depression, or fear of the past. Everyone does this flipping: flip-flopping between anxiety and depression, future and past. Spiritual evolution is about being able to maintain an upright stance and position. It's not that you haven't ever done all of this stuff. You have done all of this stuff, but after going for all of this stuff, you've actually learnt balance and a good sense of self and awareness. 

Now you can walk your path in a trajectory that you've laid out for yourself because you understand the distortion and you understand your place in it all. And this is why I like to try spark as many conversations as possible. And it's always great when it's our demographic, because our demographic is not doing this stuff right now. Unfortunately, there's so many more people who are inspired and woken up by everything that's going on out there. I want to make a positive impact and buck trends and break trends, because I see this as a huge huge advantage - having a very holistic approach to life. Because when it comes to business and we're going into a hugely, hugely technologically advanced society, our civilisation is drastically changing from a technological standpoint. 

What's important is that we have leaders out there, business owners out there who are super technological, understand the tech, are nerdy, geeky, who want to combine all of these things together and build amazing new innovations. But at the same time understanding from a spiritual standpoint that we’re human beings.

Having an automated checkout at your local supermarket which replaced the human being that is actually a good thing. However, what should then be factored in is how much of this can be a good thing in every single aspect and how do we then say automate your laboursome jobs and then create jobs, which allow human beings to be what they truly are - which is creative, and to be allowed to exert their creativity not based on limitations of a bank balance, but the limitations of their own limitations. 

And I think this is where technology needs to go in order to unlock this door. Because right now, if we speak in a hippie way and say we're super pro humanity and we're negative on technology, then we are naive and we should have the hippie hat on. And then people deserve to have that tarnished approach towards spiritual-esque people in business. There needs to be a balance. 

So, how are you going about trying to balance everything it is that you are what it is that you're you stand for, and have that be what it should be, which is a great asset in your corner as you're approaching business. You're doing Faiā corp. Explain what it is the connection between how you try to bring that personality through with now what you're doing at Faiā.


George Introduces Faiā Corp and its Historical Influences 

George: Sure thing. So, first up: brother, I love what you're doing. You know, this is essentially the type of stuff I've been slowly weaning in. I know that not everybody is always ready to hear it, but it takes courage for you to be able to speak out about it. And the world of finance is an area that needs more soul, in my opinion, and any traditional areas where it just has felt like it's lacking.

Faiā - the word is a Samoan word and it actually means to span two divides like a bridge. So already the name itself is about bridging. It's also used to describe, bringing the village together, which taps into the community aspect. But on a much deeper level, I definitely am a fan of the Tao and the Ying Yang - both having been a common theme throughout my life. And people in Tech - this actually was inspired by a few things that happened from 2008 up until now. One of them was the Eagle and the Condor prophecy. Have you heard of that before?

Michael: No.

George: Okay, so the Eagle and the Condor prophecy - anyone watching or listening, feel free to Google it. But essentially it's a prophecy from either the North or South Americans, the Natives, about a time when the people of the North, known as the Eagle - and the Eagle representing innovation, big picture thinking, etc. - with the Condor people who are the southern people who are all about feeling, the emotions etc. That there will be a time when the Eagle and the Condor would come together, and fly together in the skies. Because there was a big break between the two when the Europeans managed to make their way into the Americas. So because of that severing, we’ve seen that type of thinking that has dominate the West versus the East. That spoke to me because there was also the story of Atlantis in general, and what happened between the Atlanteans and Lemurians. So, my ancestry is from the Polynesian side, the Asian, and that is historically based on the myth coming from Lemuria. 

Michael: My blood starts dancing with anyone mentions the words Atlantis. And then you also say Lemuria. Yeah, no one speaks about that. So now I know you've done your research. That’s a three hour conversation, just there.

George: So, I will try to condense it. But this rang true because I've done some past life work as well. And I know that in a past life I found myself at that point where technology took over for the Atlanteans and they messed up. So there are some theories that say that a lot of Atlantean souls have come in over the last - however many decades - maybe from the 1940s 1920s. And a lot of the innovation we're seeing, the reason why it's so accelerated is because all of these souls have come back at this point in time

Michael: We have to dance on this for about 10 minutes, right? Shem, Bitcoin SV Channel’s host, wanted to go into it. Shem’s quite into the subject as well. And I always shut it down because I don't want to veer into those. I actually want to have a dedicated episode for this, but I want to dance on it for about 10 minutes. 

George: Yeah. Sure. 

Michael: So when you say Atlantis, and souls coming in, where do you feel the original builder race for Atlantis came from? How was Atlantis even Atlantis? Where do you feel is located? What is your understanding thus far as to what was Atlantis? Where was it located? And, essentially, who were the kings of Atlantis?

George: So it's a mixture, but definitely not from this planet. Yeah, put simply, not from this planet. And I think a lot of the things we see now, like gene editing, gene splicing, gene modification - these are all remnants of the Atlantean times. A lot of experiments were done with the local species. 

Michael: If you look at the story of the Anu and Enki, the whole story of Anunnaki is about genetic splicing. Enki not fulfilling exactly what Annu - she wanted to give human beings more, and Free Will.

George: Yep. And the repetitions are amazing. It's funny because this connects to Bitcoin too.  I see a lot of things being repeated - history being repeated over and over again. I know there's a lot of different theories around this, but if we assume that this isn't the first time that the human race has reached this point in time. Say it's a fourth and fifth time right? 

Michael: There’s great evidence, right? 

George: Right. And this is why I do like what's coming out about the importance of nature, and the importance of not just being about technology and profit. I think those would be the same mistakes of the past. If we don't learn or we don't do something drastic now, we're going to go down that same path, and we're going to go back to square one. You know, we think that just because we are in the future we're superior or ahead. If you take the time to spend with indigenous people, which I was fortunate enough to have done back in the past because some of the work I was doing. I was an animator once-upon-a-time, and a programmer as well. So, I managed to spend some time with a lot of indigenous groups and a lot of similarities to my own culture from my mom’s side - and we'd talk about  a lot of the ancient knowledge. There's going to be a time where we're going to go back seeking that.

Michael: And a lot of these indigenous tribes still hold preserved, with integrity, information from these ancient times. And it's kept within these communities. And they're quite open about sharing it, but it's our society that’s shut them out. But if you go to these places, I'm sure that as you witnessed yourself, they're quite open to speak about certain things. Yes, certain things. If they like you and they know that you're pure, then you get access to different information. But there are pockets all around the globe. 

I keep referencing back to my CoinGeek London talk, because I completely baked that presentation with very, very cryptic symbolism. A lot of it even covers what we're talking about right now. I was talking about the clustering of knowledge on the planet and how we are mimicking that from a monetary standpoint. But a much deeper deeper deeper standpoint was the relationship between the squared circle, the relationship between us and the squared circle - so DaVinci’s Vitruvian man being inside it - the sphere and the torus, and what this all means.

I am not someone who is going to sit here as an intellectual and say I've discovered all of these things. I'm very humble in my approach and I'm very much on a journey of rediscovery, because the Ancients had this locked down. Today, we can boast having a car with 2,000 horsepower that could do 0 to 60 in 1.9 seconds and not emit a frickin ounce of CO2 out of the exhaust, because it’s completely electric. But yet we can't recreate the Pyramids of Giza. So, clearly we're nowhere near as technologically advanced as we think we are.

So why is it that when people like you and I then want to open up the question and say I think the Ancients were up to some pretty cool stuff and there's validity behind the story of Atlantis, and there’s all of this evidence that points to there being and Atlantis, and all of this other evidence that also supports that... For instance, the Sphinx in Egypt, right? There's water weathering on the Sphinx, which completely and utterly debunks what archaeologists have said about the Sphinx. It is way, way older than what they've dated it to be. 


How Bitcoin will Ensure that the Human Evolutionary Trajectory Stays Pure

This links back to the whole question of whether it’s his story or is it human history? Is it history or is it his story. And, if it is his story, what's the agenda as to why he told that story? Because people often say to me, “You're talking about this subject speak about Atlantis you speaking about the spirituality aspect, speaking about all these different things, but what has it got to do with Bitcoin? What has it got to do with what's going on right now? ”

And I’m like, that is the effing problem! That is how the world has been able to get to this point. Because everyone assumes is got nothing to do with the present moment. It has everything to do with the present moment. And Bitcoin, ironically, as a tool will ensure that the trajectory of how humanity has been educated will stay pure. Because if we restart the next spur of the human evolutionary cycle - that means in a couple thousand years from now people will look back at this as an ancient moment. The difference is that we, as the Ancients would have created an immutable device that will allow the evolution of humanity to be traced back. And we can update all the existing information that we have out there and ensure that that's put on here as well. And that is a system that will ensure that society can be built on completely different foundations, because everything is Yin and Yang, positive-negative, malevolent-benevolent. And when you don't have transparency, then it all could become too much one-sided where the malevolent agenda gets to run rife as it has done for thousands of years. 

And this does go back to Atlantis and also ties into the flood, the ark, and a variety of different subject matters. The fallen angels in the Bible... Who were they? Who's the Bible referencing, and why is every single reference to the heavens in the Bible? What are they speaking of when I they heavens? What are they speaking of when they say angels? 

And a great irony is that 15 years ago I would have identified myself as an atheist. The irony is the fact I've always kept an open mind, even when skeptical I always keep an open mind with a view to be enlightened - trying to debunk religion actually made me realise the validity in religion is way more accurate, ironically, than people even realise. If you can read it.

George: And understand it, right? Because you can read it without understanding it...

Michael: Hundred percent. For me, it's always a breath of fresh air to see someone who's building your own public profile, but doing so in a way that you're being pure to yourself, irrespective of the inevitable scrutiny that would be coming your way. It's a journey that I'm on. It's great to have another brother of light on the same journey.

George: It’s time.

Michael: You can speak about Atlantis. It's all good.


Bitcoin as the Link between the Physical and the Spiritual Worlds

George: I wanted to let you finish your flow, but the Bitcoin aspect… It’s interesting, I remember texting this to Craig as well. I said, I had this aha moment when I was revisiting the Akashic records and the concept of it. And I realised that Bitcoin is like a physical manifestation of the Akashic records. For those who are listening or watching and aren't familiar with the concept. It's essentially the book of records for everyone - for every soul, for every event that has taken place. And apparently there are some in our reality that are able to tap into it very easily - a lot more so than others. But it's actually accessible to everybody. It's just that we have lost the knowledge of how to do so.

That stuff is there and often in cartoons and movies they'll make jokes about it, like a god just checking things off in a book. But that's essentially what the Akashic records are. And I do believe in that because it’s tied to karma - everything has an equal and opposite reaction, what goes around comes around… A lot of people don't like the idea of something being recorded forever, but they don't realise that it already is, you're just not aware of it.

Michael: One hundred percent. So just to elaborate on that a bit. I'm glad that you brought that point on and made the connection. The core of what you've just said is genuinely what we're building here at Bitstocks’ Gravity - we’re building the infrastructure, the template to get people onboarded and then we will be marching towards collectively building something that’s far greater, that can read off the field of Bitcoin. Because in order for Bitcoin to be able to resemble something like what you're describing, everything needs to be on top of it and everything needs to be communicating with it. When everything's on top of it and communicating with it, Bitcoin can become the fabric that becomes space-time. And this is why I'm making this connection.

An example of that in the Akashic record sense of god recording everything, people need to have a much deeper understanding as to what is god, how would they find god? That's Divinity, and one of the common ways that people will attribute any divine action or divinity is creation. It's the Creator - creation. By that very definition, a close example or something that’s god-like is our parents, they are our creators. So you have two pillars that come together - man, woman - and then form a new human being. And that new human being is directly tied into the root (let’s talk Merkel routes and Bitcoin transactions) of the coming together of the man and woman who created the child. The whole concept of the Universe beginning from an original seed and everything being spawned from that seed…  and you think Bitcoin, Merkel roots, Merkel trees, and how everything is then related and ultimately goes back up to that one. Then you start understanding why there's always pillars outside religious monuments, churches, temples, buildings. You have two pillars outside the doorway. All of this stuff are huge symbolic references, mathematically basically to what it is that I'm saying which ties back to the akashic records. 

Now, you are one human being, but you are a hundred trillion cells. And those hundred trillion cells have a hundred trillion atoms. If you think about that, what is that at its most primitive level? What is its energy? So you've got these particles spinning. That's a super super high frequency. And you've got billions of chemical reactions happening in your body every second to then make you a functional biological whole. But you are an image that is recreating itself at this very high frequency that people can't tell the inbetween stages of your manifestations and demanifestations, because that is ultimately what is happening. And I actually challenge any physicist or mathematician with this, to calculate the speed at which my hand goes from here to here. Because conventional science will teach you that you have to measure the distance in which you travelled and the time it took to travel that distance and then you've got a reference point right? Say for instance. My Lamborghini does 0 to 60 in two and a half seconds, right? 

Well, yeah, that's an acceptable answer if I'm explaining it to a six-year-old. But if you're  talking about physics, you have to factor in the earth is spinning. And the Earth is also spinning around the sun, and then the solar system is spinning throughout the cosmos. Now it becomes a deep question. And when you get into it from that aspect that you understand that your hand is actually dematerialising and rematerialising, and the rematerialisation of your hand is the memory of your consciousness that it had at the prior state. So this is why I say the connection to Bitcoin is, if you don't remember yesterday, you don't know who George is today. 

I don't care how smart anyone is on this planet. If Craig wakes up tomorrow and he forgot that he was Satoshi today, he ain't Satoshi anymore. It's as simple as that. So the memory is what reconfigures your biology to manifest in this reality. That is energy changing matter. That energy is been recorded on the fabric of space-time. The Akashic records are speaking about this. And the Akashic records are therefore readable because your ether exists - is out there.

Another example of this would be if an Olympic record that stands for say 20 or 30 years, and as soon as it gets broken it’s then subsequently broken multiple times over because people see and believe it was done and that is then downloaded to global collective human consciousness. And we believe, I can do this, and then that record is subsequently broken. 

Another example is, you’ve got a scientist on one side of the planet who invents something, tries to file a patent. Another scientist on the other side of the planet who is completely unrelated, have never spoke to the geezer, doesn't even know that the guy’s alive, and he tries to file for the same pattern. I have genuinely experienced this very example myself this year with my work and what it is that I'm doing around energy. 

I started designing some crazy engines that will create free energy. Basically, how do you create something that is of abundant energy. So I was just going through electromagnetism, I was going through a variety of different things. I was looking at plasma. I was looking at a variety of different things. And I'm just talking about waking up after having dreams, and then hitting the whiteboard and just going crazy designing this stuff, not knowing what it is that I'm designing. I've never been an engineer set out to do that. I'm not going to wake up one day and think I'm going to build a free energy engine. But I was getting these downloads and I just started drawing stuff down. Six months later I’m in a laboratory of a top scientist and I see the very things in his lab that he's working on that I drew on a whiteboard 6 months prior. So, there's definitely validity behind it, because there is genuine validity behind it. 



Bitcoin’s Potential to Harmonise People, Tech and Nature

Because of Bitcoin there’s a way to build something that resembles something very, very, very close to that. You’re one of the very few people that I've actually spoken to who even sees it as a very cool connection between the spiritual world and, for lack of better term, the real world, and how these things are really manifesting themselves. And that's another one of the points I like to make. I know it’s something that you've jumped on, and I definitely want to hear your opinion of it. We have a society today that tend to look up to say scientists and intellectuals who are trying to recreate things that nature are just rocking and rolling and doing without any form of adulation. Artificial intelligence is a perfect example. AI gets cracked, irrespective of what the ramifications are, and even if it's done in an irresponsible way that person still probably ends up getting a Nobel Prize or something. Any human being on the planet irrespective of severe health conditions can still procreate. Whatever it is that we're trying to do, nature should always be the inspiration. You understand nature better, then technology makes a lot of sense. So where do you see things going five years down the line in relation to Bitcoin? And what more would you like to see as a result of Bitcoin as a technology to deliver the kind of world that you and I clearly see?


One of the things I definitely want to see realised in our lifetime is more harmonisation of the people, tech and nature, in general. That's a personal thing.

The nature side I haven't brought in too much into the business directly, but I bring it in indirectly. I will probably start to come out more and more about the wolf stuff and that side of things. But Bitcoin itself, I think… I know it's here to stay. We've been planning for the next 10 to 20 years, which is why I some of our services are still more generic, like community engagement and marketing. But we know where Bitcoin is headed. The only thing is the frustrating things that we see happening with BTC, etc. But you know: don't get frustrated, just get inspired and motivated to do more.

So, even for our positioning with Bitcoin, for us as a company it's very much in line with the bridging. I use this analogy a lot, about the Gold Rush. Who was making the most money? The ones you know digging for gold or…

Michael: The ones selling shovels.

George: Exactly. So that's how we position ourselves. But it's funny, even in the startup world, you know people ask, what do you do? What are you building? And I'm like, we’re service providers. We’re doing consulting and advisory. But we are going to build some things - we are looking at that in the background. But I needed to stabilise things that I knew would bring in money for us, because I'm also seeing a lot of businesses who have raised a lot of capital and can't make money. I intentionally wanted to start the business with no outside funding, I intentionally wanted to do it slow, because I don't want to build things that last like Bitcoin itself. 

What that has meant is that you don't get massive fundraisers. In the startup world everybody celebrates debt insanely. But now I'm starting to notice a shift where investors saw what happened with WeWork, and now they’re realisation they should be going after businesses that are actually profitable. They’re going back to the fundamentals. So, I've just pushed back on people. I say, we're building this slowly. We’re 7% profitable this year. How many people can actually say they’re profitable in their first year? Yeah, just going back to fundamentals again. And that's what I see Bitcoin as - the fundamentals being the most important. That's what I aligned with. 

Michael: I commend that.

George: That's what I resonate with - being connected to nature. The indigenous, the Natives. I know, in my blood and all my fields that a lot of things are about the return of that type of wisdom. Bitcoin I just saw as a manifestation of that. That's why I look at the design and when I speak to Craig I'm like, man damn it, Craig! I know he's aware of a lot but you know, sometimes I wonder if he's even aware of just how spiritually this goes on so many fronts.



The Untapped Power and Elements Baked within Bitcoin

Michael: That's something that's been a continuous thought process with me. Just like, when I sit down with a clairvoyant. Very seldom have I sat down with a clairvoyant three times in my life - this is not a regular thing. But each time it's always with that same healthy scepticism where I'm like, I’m not going to help you do your job. I want to see if you're good. You show me you could do this. 

George: It's like, come on? Come on?

Michael: I even did the same thing with Craig, because in terms of someone who is Satoshi you fit the bill better than anyone else is that I've seen. But, healthy scepticism. You haven't got me sold completely yet, so I'm going to test you. 

I already had a lot of this mathematical stuff that I saw in Bitcoin that connected with a spiritual aspect in a much deeper way, but then I looked at from an engineering standpoint and I realised that Bitcoin is a hundred times more impressive than anyone even knows right now. A hundred times more impressive than anyone even realises right now. And the irony is, after my first conversation with Craig I actually thought that even he doesn't see just how incredible it is what he's created.

I'm sure he obviously sees how incredible it is what he's created, but it goes deeper. It goes a lot deeper. And I've had a lot of these conversations with him which have given me a lot of clarity as to the aspects within it that are still untapped - very much still untapped. I definitely have my own approach - I'm not saying he endorses what I'm saying is inside Bitcoin or not - but I know what I see. I don't need the endorsement. Bitcoin has a power inside it that is very much untapped right now. 

The approach that you're taking is commendable, and it's actually the one that I took.  When I set up five years ago, I didn't want to just spring out the gates. “This is a new space, I'm going to take a more consultative approach.” We set up our advisory model first. “I'm going to help educate people.” But in true law of one fashion, I learn to teach and I teach to learn. It doesn't matter who I'm speaking to, if that person is 10 years old and I've got an educated person, I have to take this amount of knowledge and pull it into a package that a ten-year-old can understand. Guess who's getting a lesson now? It's me, I'm getting a lesson because I need to know my information that much better to repackage it. 

So, there's always these great feedback loops. I was like, okay, I'm going to start off with that, because it's just my natural nature, I'm going to start off with that. And while I'm doing that, I've got the time to see how this space is panning out. And I had many opportunities where I could have just run out the gates with the whole ICO craze and all these other variety of different things. 

But what's held us in great stead is that we took the tortoise approach as opposed to the hare. And we became observers, and we want to understand: Where's this space really going?  I'm not going with the herd because the herd is being steered towards a dark path right now. Instead everyone here at Bitstocks stuck their head up above the herd, and was like, “yeah this stuff ain't what we think it is. We need to be going in that direction and we need to be patient, and we need to wait.” We waited, even to our own detriment sometimes, or even maybe to some clients disagreement, because we did have clients disagreeing with some of the decisions we made. But ultimately, when you know that you can see the space for what it truly is, you haven't been washed away with herd mentality and herd thinking. 

That is when you're going to have the ability, tied into how you started this with passion. Combine that with sound logic and taking your time to work things out, and you're going to be able to have the Sight to create something that no one else can see. And that is the great benefit of just slowing things down in order to understand. Risk your own freaking capital, your own time, because once you do crack it and you have worked out something that the sheep didn't see, guess what? Investors are going to be all over you for taking that approach. Because you de-risked your business model, you've taken the time to learn your market, and you've developed a strategy that you can now execute with the capital you now need. And you've built a whole empirical evidence case to say, I know what I was talking about

So, I massively commend that approach and I wish you nothing but great luck. I'm sure we're gonna do a lot of collaborations and whatever we could do on our end to help and aid you in your mission. We will definitely be there backing you in your corner, and I imagine definitely likewise on your side.  


The Lessons of Divine Timing and the Power of Small

Before we wrap things up, is there anything else that you’d like to cover? Any points that you’d like to raise? 

George: So many things! I had to take notes because so many things came up while you were talking.

Michael: Go for it. Go for it. 

George: Okay, since we're wrapping up now:

Divine timing. That's something I've learned. I'm a fire sign. I'm a triple fire sign. Yeah, so you may understand this: I am a Leo Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and I'm also a Fire Tiger in terms of Chinese astrology. So, my lesson has been about slowing down - in understanding patience. And that's what the wolf side has taught me.

You're talking about observation. I got into Bitcoin 2013. Definitely did a lot of observation over the years. Didn't pick up until about 2016 or 2017 when I got more engaged with the community, and then the way that I looked at it was like wolves in the shadow, like wolves are ecosystem builders. And even though they are smaller in numbers, they have such a massive impact on the entire ecosystem. So much so that there is a video called How Wolves Change Rivers. I don't know if you've seen that or not, or heard of it, but I highly recommend it if you want to get an idea of what we are doing as a company. It is literally that. We understand the importance of doing things on the edges that actually the entire ecosystem. 

And then the final bit is about the power of small, micro. You know, you were talking before about small things being important. We look at Bitcoin and the power of microtransactions and the unbanked part of the world that has been untapped because they're considered to be small and insignificant. That's not the case. We're seeing a snapback from the large scale up networks down to smaller groups. Why? Because there's more power in these clusters, and we call them micro-communities. So these micro-communities is also being reflected in things like Facebook's shift to focusing on groups. Because they're realising that numbers actually don't mean jack anymore because they can be manipulated as well. People are seeking intimacy. People are seeking people - deeper relationships, meaningful ones. It's a good thing. And wolves teach you how to keep that harmony when you go into those small groups, because if you get that right it will naturally have a much wider impact on everything else.


Microtransactions as One of Bitcoin’s ‘Killer Features’

Michael: I love that. Let’s spend a little bit more time on the microtransaction aspect. So what do you guys plan on doing around that? Is that one of the key reasons why you support BitcoinSV? Why microtransactions for you? What were you planning to utilise it for?

George: One of them. I've done a lot of different things, but being involved in this space of community where I'm often looking at social behaviour. With guys like Twetch I've seen how online behaviors get influenced by things like microtransactions.

And I think when you can add the financial component to the microtransactions, I think it’s going to have huge ramifications on social behavior. All of them might not be good, but it will be there nonetheless. And I want to understand those things now, which is why I have a close eye on folks liked Twetch, City on Chain. And I think we haven't even begun there. Because I think it's going to get really interesting...

I saw that Jack Dorsey from Twitter is going to live in Africa for like three to six months and I can see why. I was in South Africa last year and I was like, there's a lot happening here! And when you get a situation where you’ve got all of these types of entrepreneurs all of a sudden able to start trading and innovating, they're going to come up with things that we just never thought of. And I think the microtransactions component is going to be one of the killer features, from a community perspective.


Bitcoin’s Promise Within a Data-based Economy

Michael: I totally agree. And it's a necessary aspect to the story of Bitcoin that is going to enable the initiation of the vision that we all speak about as a destination. And that's why it was so important to bring that aspect back.

The interesting thing about Bitcoin is, in its original form, its limitations are human imagination. If the network's just running as it should be and it's back to its original base form that allows you to be creative, then it's limitation genuinely was the imagination of the user using it. We have to go back to that. We must go back to that, because no one can be the foremost authority and say this is the trajectory of humanity and it's written in stone.

Like, I'm going to tell everybody what every human being and every business wants on this planet, and I'm going to say it will all fit inside one megabyte. If you're saying that because there's a technical argument that says why you can't go beyond that, I’ll hear you out. But there never, ever, ever was.

George: It was just fear.

Michael: Absolutely, just fear. And what that does is it rubs and takes away from the promise of what Bitcoin is. Touching on to the last points that you were making, we genuinely unlock this and we allow human creativity to thrive. And we start bringing together humans and educating them as to what the benefits are of this tool and then saying, just go for it!

Having that when we're moving into a data-based economy generally means that every state of consciousness on this planet is an oil field. And that when people understand that statement, and then you look at Africa, you look at India, and you look at South America - you look at all these other places in between that have amazing human beings, amazing populations, but have been underserved for whatever reason, whether it be our governmental level, financial level, or a combination of both -  for whatever reason. They could then connect to a new economy, a new way of communicating, a new technology that brings human beings together. That is what sparks the next equivalent to the industrial revolution, in my opinion.

And we're so so so close to I don't think people realise just how close we are to a world that resembles the one that we saw, from a technological standpoint, in Ready Player One. But imagine a world that you see in Ready Player One for example, without the fact that everyone is basically running away from the real world because it’s so screwed up. If we  look at the technologies that you can have, say a pair of goggles that someone in Africa can wear and it brings them in this office right now, and this person is working in a virtual environment with me collectively on a project that I'm working. 

Our company could have a global job board where the jobs are split up, and you have incentive-based jobs, and those jobs could be taken by any participant around the world and they can build up their own feedback system because when you have a digital ID system -  that is your own ID linked to the Bitcoin SV blockchain - then you can build a reputation in so many different ways. You're combining LinkedIn, you're combining Facebook, you combine Twitter, you're combining so many different things into the ID. And companies can then make hiring decisions based on that. The fact that you're in Singapore and I'm here in London right now, we're breaking that barrier with Skype with this laptop. But beyond that, can you show me what else you're working on in your office right now? And can I feel like I'm in your office and help you work on that? No, but the technology is actually just months away. 

Microsoft HoloLens - they’re shipping those right now. But the issue is they’re three and a half thousand dollars. A few years down the line that cost is going to come drastically down. And the way that we communicate and we exist just from a business standpoint is going to drastically change. So, these economies and these local communities that get pushed out to the fringes will start getting drastically included. 

And I've got so much respect for what it is that you're doing, George. Because this path is not carved. Mixing these types of ideals, understandings and teachings, and then applying it to actually make a big impact in terms of business. And a big impact is what's required. A big impact is what's needed. And with a big impact, I hope, is going to come a very strong financial reward for all of those involved. It should be, because this is the great aspect of approaching business this way. If you approach business this way, profit doesn't need to be a dirty word. You can invite the whole community to help this machine build a wealth generating system for all those who interact with it. And then it becomes something that the community owns. 

And this is the great thing about slowing down, observing and working things out because, two years two and a half years ago I would have described what I'm explaining in the sense that I needed a decentralised corporation. I was on the whole decentralisation bandwagon that everyone else was on. And the more that I understood what my objectives are - it's about incentives, transparency and accountability. You nail these aspects and people will join you to help you build and become part of what it is that you're building. It's about distribution. It's not about decentralisation. And it's refreshing to see that you're on a very, very similar mission. It’s great, genuinely. From the bottom of my heart, it's beautiful to see.

George: Likewise. It always both ways. That's why I always put those two eyes emoji for you: I see you!

Michael: I see you too. Look you're in London for CoinGeek.

George: That’s the plan. I haven't booked my tickets yet, but the plan is to be.

Michael: If you’re in London for CoinGeek, make sure you come down to the office. We’ll do a proper sit-down, full-blown setup, we’ll have a proper hash out and we could talk for literally two hours about anything it is that you want to talk about.

In the interim, I’ll tell you what we will do. Let's put this out there and challenge the community to get some questions prepared for us. So if you are in London we’ll hash it out. And if you're not in London, we'll just do this again and we’ll go into way more detail

George: Sounds good.

Michael: Cool. Any last thoughts.

George: I’ll just end with my favourite saying which is:

With patience and persistence it will come. This Tuvaluan saying was passed down to me from my great-grandfather. And that'll be another story for another time.

Michael: A hundred percent. So, with patience and persistence it will come. I'll leave it on that note. This was a great conversation and I just love seeing people like George in this space spitting out a very similar message to what we're trying to put out there at Bitstocks: putting humanity first, not as a way of deflecting from a business model. No, it's actually because it aids the business model and the business model aids humanity. I hope that you, George inspire more people in the space to be doing similar things, and I hope people fall over themselves to be involved in what it is that you're doing. On that note, as always: peace, love and light to everybody.

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